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Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle riders are still highly at risk on UK roads, and while it may not be a pleasant subject to consider, the repercussions of being involved in a motorcycle accident can genuinely worry any rider and their close ones.

Is it necessary for me to utilize the solicitors employed by the insurers?

Potter Rees Dolan is a reputable law firm that specializes in handling motorcycle accident compensation claims. Their team of solicitors are extremely knowledgeable and have extensive experience in managing even the most severe and intricate motorcycle claims.


Our team of experienced solicitors has been providing help to motorcyclists for numerous years in various situations involving motorcycle accidents. Some examples of these scenarios are:

  • Injured by dangerous driving
  • Road defects such as potholes or liquid spills
  • Pillion passenger
  • Speeding, speeding or losing control
  • open car doors
  • Hit and run collisions

Potter Rees Dolan recognizes that motorcyclists face greater vulnerability and are at higher risk of severe injuries compared to those in cars, particularly following an accident. Our team is skilled in handling cases involving head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and other severe injuries that have a significant impact on the injured individual and their loved ones.  

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What to do after a motorcycle accident?

Nobody wants to be in a motorcycle accident, but unfortunately, they can occur suddenly and cannot always be prevented. It is crucial to understand what steps to take immediately after the accident, as this can greatly affect the consequences it will have on you.

Our guide provides information on the necessary steps to take for your safety and obtaining the assistance you require following the incident.

How do I get financial support?

During the duration of your claim, we have the ability to ask for interim payments. These payments can be used to finance the necessary support and therapies that aid in your recovery and returning your life to normal. Examples of these therapies include counseling, specialized physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.

Why choose Porter Rees Dolan?

We provide assistance and aid during critical moments by understanding your requirements from the beginning and assisting you throughout the process of making claims. We make sure you receive rehabilitation services and financial assistance, and we strive to secure the maximum amount of compensation for you.

Our experts possess extensive expertise in delicately managing these issues and are dedicated to supporting and representing you at every stage of the process.

We can make that difference.

Is it necessary for me to utilize the solicitors employed by the insurers?

Your insurance company may recommend other attorneys to you based on financial arrangements, not because those attorneys are experts in handling life-changing injuries.. However, it's important to note that you have the freedom to choose your own specialized solicitors, even if the previous firm has already begun working on your case. We often receive inquiries from clients who have heard about us and our reputation and would like us to take over their claims.

did you know?

Did you know?

Motorcycle riders have a much greater chance of dying in road accidents than those in cars, in fact, they are 41 times more likely to suffer a fatality.

This unfortunate fact is the reality when it comes to road safety in Great Britain.According to the latest 2021 government statistics, motorcyclists had a reported fatality rate of 123 per billion miles, while car occupants had a significantly lower rate of just 3.Unfortunately, 310 motorcyclists tragically died over the course of the year, making up 20% of all fatalities on the roads.

Among motorcyclists, there were a total of 15,838 casualties, of which 5,264 were serious injuries that may involve brain, spinal, and orthopaedic damage. These concerning numbers highlight the vast consequences which can arise from a motorcycle accident, affecting the protection of prone road users including motorcyclists and cyclists. The absence of protecting measures, constrained visibility, and excessive speeds all make contributions to an increased probability of severe harm or even loss of life for motorcyclists.

Receiving compensation for motorcycle accidents is vital in obtaining the financial assistance required to recover from a crash. Contact us today for a conversation with our skilled lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a motorcycle accident claim?

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, they may seek legal compensation through a motorcycle accident claim. This type of claim can be made if someone else, like another driver or the local council, shares some of the blame for the incident.

Am I eligible to file a claim for a motorcycle accident?

If you are a motorbike rider who has been involved in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another person, you have the opportunity to file a claim. This allows you to pursue financial compensation to aid in your recuperation from serious injuries. In situations where the injured party is unable to make the claim themselves, or in the event of their death, you can initiate the claim on their behalf.

How does the process for claiming motorbike accident compensation work?

The first step is to hire a law firm to represent you. The firm will gather evidence to learn the details of your case and identify those responsible. They will also assess the impact of your injury on your daily life. The attorney will work with the other party to reach an agreement on issues of liability and compensation. If an agreement cannot be reached, your interests will be represented in court and a judge will ultimately decide the outcome.

What occurs when you file a claim for a motorcycle accident?

If you decide to file a motorbike accident claim through our company, we will regularly update you on the status of each step in the process and inform you of any information or documents we may need from you.

To initiate a compensation claim, all you need to do is get in touch with us at 0800 027 2557 If you are seeking free advice in the beginning, we will engage in a conversation regarding your motorcycle accident in order to evaluate whether or not you have valid reasons to make a claim. Should we find that your case is justifiable, your claim will usually go through the subsequent four stages.

First, we gather information about your motorcycle accident and the severity of your injuries. This includes a thorough evaluation by a doctor to understand the full extent of your injuries and determine necessary treatment.. Additionally, we will carefully investigate the specific details surrounding your crash. It is important to note that although motorcyclists are frequently unfairly held responsible for accidents, many crashes are actually caused by drivers of other vehicles neglecting to give due attention to motorbikes. This may encompass situations such as:

  • Not providing enough room for motorcycles to maneuver.
  • Not being able to see motorcycles in the areas where they cannot see.
  • Regardless of whether the driver saw the motorcyclist or not, they pulled out or turned into their path.
  • Possible rephrased version: Factors such as inadequate upkeep of roads, equipment malfunctions, or instances of diesel spills could potentially play a role as well. When these situations occur, our team of experts in road traffic investigations might initiate an inquiry, which might involve on-site examinations, examination of police reports, interviews with witnesses, assessment of motorcycle damages, or even reconstruction of the motorcycle accident.

  • Treatment for broken bones or specialized therapy for neurological conditions.
  • Counseling or therapy sessions to help with post-traumatic stress.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Pain management treatment.
  • Assistance provided to help individuals reintegrate into the workforce.

Second phase: recovery. In the event that your motorcycle accident has led to the necessity of medical treatment and aid, we will determine the necessary help that is needed, both presently and in the future. We strongly believe that rehabilitation assistance is a crucial component of the service we provide, in addition to ensuring you receive the appropriate compensation. Given the heightened susceptibility of motorcyclists compared to drivers of other vehicles, the injuries and rehabilitation requirements following a motorcycle accident can be considerably distinct.

After a serious injury, our solicitors will closely collaborate with you to assess your support needs and help you obtain the necessary resources from the beginning of the claims procedure. Depending on the extent of your injury, typical rehabilitation assistance following a motorcycle accident might involve:

In certain situations, if the injury is serious and the procedure of making claims takes a long time, it may be feasible to obtain temporary payments to help cover the costs of rehabilitation.

Third step: compensation. We will assess the suitable compensation needed to cover your injuries, damages, and any current or future medical expenses or assistance. The agreed upon compensation will be reached through a settlement with the responsible party or by a decision made in court. Most cases are settled through negotiations, so court proceedings are uncommon. However, if your case goes to court, our team will be with you every step of the way, offering complete support.

Stage Four involves the conclusion of your claim, and if it is successful, you will receive compensation. If we have agreed to handle your claim under a no win, no fee agreement, you will not have to pay anything if the case is unsuccessful. However, if you win, the majority of our fees will be covered by the opposing party.

How much compensation can I claim?

Every claim is different, so it's impossible to predict how much compensation you might receive without taking into account the details of your case. The settlement amount is influenced by several factors, such as the extent of your physical and mental injuries, the financial impact, and any loss of enjoyment. Compensation might also cover expenses like medical expenses, costs for caregiving, and damages to your personal belongings.

Is there a specific timeframe within which one must file a claim for a motorcycle accident?

Typically, it is required to file a claim within three years of an accident or death occurrence. However, there might be special circumstances where exceptions apply. It is recommended to consult a solicitor for personalized advice and assistance according to your specific situation.

Can I claim if they have no insurance?

Don't allow not having insurance or being involved in a hit-and-run accident to discourage you from seeking compensation for a motorbike or bike accident. The Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) was created to handle these types of circumstances. The MIB offers compensation to victims who are involved in accidents caused by drivers who are either uninsured or cannot be identified. If you want to make a claim through the MIB, please contact our solicitors for help.

What is the duration for achieving successful compensation for motorcycle accidents?

The length of time it takes to resolve a motorcycle accident claim can vary depending on the circumstances. It can range from a few weeks to several months, starting from when the claim is started until a settlement is reached. This duration is affected by factors like the type and seriousness of the injuries, and the time needed to collect evidence. If the other party involved is unknown or refuses to accept responsibility, the claim may take longer to settle.

What is the classification of injuries caused by road accidents and motorcycle accidents?

The severity levels of injuries caused by road traffic accidents are classified into five categories by numerous police forces. These categories are arranged in order from least to most severe.

  • Fatalities are injuries that lead to the loss of life.
  • Extremely severe injuries fall under this category, such as a neck or spine fracture, head or brain trauma, chest or crushing injuries leading to unconsciousness or breathing problems. Additionally, it includes any internal injuries and multiple severe injuries causing loss of consciousness.
  • Moderately severe injuries encompass conditions such as the partial amputation of a limb, fractures in the thigh or pelvis, injuries to the chest, and deep wounds that penetrate the body.
  • Less severe cases involve injuries like minor head injuries, deep cuts, fractures in the collarbone, and injuries to the arms or legs.
  • Slight refers to mild injuries such as shock, bruising, strains and sprains of soft tissues, as well as minor cuts or scrapes.

Motorcyclists and their passengers who ride on the back of the motorcycle face a unique set of dangers when it comes to their safety and potential injuries. One particular type of injury commonly experienced is referred to as a "lowside" injury. This occurs when the rear tire of the motorcycle loses its grip and slides outward. Typically, this happens while the motorcycle is going around a corner or when the rider is trying to avoid an obstacle. As a result, the motorcycle falls over, causing the rider to be thrown onto the road either on their back or front, often at a high speed. Such accidents can lead to severe injuries known as "road rash." Road rash involves deep abrasions to the skin, as well as soft tissue injuries, bruising, and broken bones. Road rash is more than a surface-level scrape because the roads might contain dirt and bacteria that can penetrate deeply into the skin, resulting in infections that are challenging to treat. In the most severe cases, a lowside crash might even catapult the rider into the opposite lane of oncoming traffic.

A different kind of motorcycle crash is known as a "highside" collision. In this situation, the rider is forcefully propelled forward over the handlebars or thrown off the side of the bike. Highside accidents occur when the rear tire unexpectedly regains traction following a skid, causing the motorcycle to abruptly straighten up with considerable force. These incidents can lead to severe head and arm injuries for both the rider and any passenger.

What are the signs indicating a severe injury resulting from a motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle crashes frequently lead to severe injuries or even fatalities, causing great distress for the victims. More than one-third of these motorcycle accidents fall into this classification.

If you are not certain about how serious your injuries are after a motorcycle accident, think about the following inquiries:

  • Have you received medical treatment that was repeated, lengthy, or ongoing?
  • Do you need medical treatment for a long period of time or for your whole life?
  • Did you recently have long breaks from your job, are currently unable to go back to work, or cannot continue working in the same position?
  • Are you looking for help and guidance with tasks in your daily life that you once found easy to do on your own?

Although we recognize that compensation may not always solve all problems, we do recognize its ability to offer the necessary financial assistance in the aftermath of a motorcycle collision.

In which circumstances are motorcycle accident claims typically applicable?

If your motorcycle accident injury was due to someone else's negligence, you have the entitlement to file a claim. Various factors commonly contribute to motorcycle accidents, such as:

  1. If your bike's stability is compromised due to unforeseen flaws on the road, such as damaged pavement, loose gravel buildup, spilled fluids, faulty metal structures, or potholes, these dangers can put you at great risk, particularly when you come across them while turning. If you can provide evidence of the local council's negligence, you might qualify to file a claim.
  2. Other drivers' carelessness or lack of attention that caused your accident. More than 60% of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections when a driver doesn't see an oncoming motorcycle and makes a right turn in front of it. Furthermore, trying to avoid a pedestrian or a hazard on the road can also lead to a motorcycle accident if control of the bike is lost.
  3. Motorcycle accidents involving drivers who flee the scene without stopping are considered hit-and-run cases. These incidents can involve an unidentified or uninsured driver. In such situations, you have the option to file a claim with the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB).
  4. Motorcycle crashes that occur due to malfunctioning street lighting and inadequate signage.

In general, there is a time limit of three years after your motorcycle accident to file a claim. However, if the accident results in a severe head or brain injury and someone makes a claim on your behalf, you might be eligible for a longer period to start the process of making a claim.

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